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Alfred en Stienie Shelver

EZE Products & Services (affectionately just called EZE for short :-)) is a family owned business, run by husband and wife team, Alfie & Stienie Shelver. EZE started with the manufacturing of, according to many of their clients, the best tasting, highest quality sweetener in the Western Cape, South Africa and, according to friends who immigrated to the USA, the world!

Towards the end of 2012 they started to actively build a reseller base to empower individuals to supplement their income. In the beginning of 2013 they started to expand their product range.

EZE have been in business for 15 years, with a couple of name changes. They finally decided to call the business EZE Products and Services, because the products are always EZE to use!

Their factory is located in the heart of Bellville, in the Stikland Industrial area. EZE provides their customers with good quality products at an affordable price. Their very popular EZE-Sweet can be used in coffee and tea, and is also bake and heat stable. They are a friendly bunch and endeavour to treat every customer as part of the family.

EZE would like to thank their many customers for allowing them to be part of your families through their product. Your patronage has helped the business to grow and flourish. Their commitment has always been, and will always be, to give you the best quality products and service possible.

Can EZE-Sweet be used by people who suffer from Diabetes?

EZE Sweet does carry the Diabetes SA logo and we have many customers with diabetes who use EZE SWEET with success. However due to the complexity of diabetes, we suggest you test EZE SWEET for yourself and make your decision if it works for you or not. Please consult your physician if you are unsure.

What is Glycemic Load (GL) and how does it relate to a sugar substitute like EZE-Sweet?

Glycemic Load (GL) refers to the impact that a food’s carbohydrate content has on the level of glucose in the body, taking into account the type and amount of carbohydrate consumed. Using EZE-Sweet in place of sugar can help to reduce the Glycemic Load (GL) of the foods you consume.

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